Freedom Flotilla Base Camp at Lake Eyre, South Australia



I had the blessed fortune of travelling for over two months across Australia on the Land and Sea Convoy for Peace and Justice – From Lake Eyre to West Papua and documented my travels with the Freedom Flotilla. The mission was one of peace, reconciliation and solidarity, between the Indigenous people of Australia and West Papua, and I am proud to share some of these incredible moments with the world.

The journey began here, at the ancient sacred sites on and around Lake Eyre, where water was collected from the mound springs and a beautiful ceremony marked the start of a historic retracing of 40,000 year old song lines and trade routes.

This short clip was used by SBS World News Australia, ABC News, NITV, Democracy Now, The Guardian and various other news sources during the course of the campaign.


Published Photography for the Freedom Flotilla


Amos Franky Morning Star

Photography published in the Guardian Australia for the Freedom Flotilla to West Papua

A published photo of Franky and Amos aboard Pog on the sail to Cooktown from Cairns. Raising the Morning Star flag incurs a charge of treason and 20 years minimum jail sentence from the Indonesian occupiers of West Papua.

Uncle Kev

Photography published in the IB Times for the Freedom Flotilla to West Papua

Uncle Kevin Buzzacott, activist and Indigenous leader. One of the masterminds behind the Freedom Flotilla to West Papua.

BOJI Theatre Production Trailer



My newest collaboration with some of Melbourne’s finest dancers. This is a wicked little trailer for an upcoming dance and musical show highlighting a young man’s journey towards spirituality.

The clip features dancer/musicians Travers Ross, Eddie Carbury, Brad ‘Yogi’ Harrison, Tarik Frimpong, Dennis ‘Nasa’ Pennalligen, Zarah Adams, Johnny Duel and Kim Suree.